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Nothing but healthcare

We know how to communicate complex messages to all healthcare stakeholders, from payers and key opinion leaders to physicians, nurses, patients and relatives.

15+ years of experience

The people at Gesundheit have been in business for more than 15 years, working in the healthcare environment with global, regional and local marketing for clients of all shapes and sizes.

50+ therapeutic areas

Our clients include pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, agencies and private hospitals – all leaders within their fields. Working with them has provided us with specialist knowledge within a very large range of therapeutic areas.

80+ healthcare brands

Every brand is challenged with unique marketing environments. That’s why we don’t just deliver off-the-shelf solutions. We believe each assignment requires a customized solution to fit your specific needs and ambitions.


How we work

Gesundheit is not confined to just one marketing platform.

Over the years, we have built up an exceptional network of experts from all marketing disciplines, so we can allow ourselves to focus on healthcare without having to worry about platforms.

Whether your needs are strategic, digital, print, training or something else entirely, our team has the best and most experienced healthcare marketers to help you out.

What we offer

Are you ready to enter a new market? Or do you need to review how you perceive the market you are already in?

At Gesundheit we help you define your target audience, key opinion leaders, primary information sources, market trends, etc. We map how you and your competitors are positioned and perceived by your target group.

This analysis then forms the basis for your marketing strategy!

It’s all about positioning

Clinical evidence has proven the efficacy of your product. Market research tells you there is a market for your product and who your customers might be…

Now it’s time to build a brand that emphasizes the product advantages that are in demand and time to define how to communicate this to the target audience.

Execution is often considered the hardest part of healthcare marketing. How do we get the message across?

The simple fact is, it takes hard work and doing more of what has proven effective. At Gesundheit, we can help you improve your existing marketing channels, and we are more than happy to help you find new ways to get your message across.

We’re the experts when it comes to detailing, advertising, communication to payers, event management, print material and much, much more…

It’s all about dialogue

Whether your sales force is equipped with tablets, computers or printed material, they need an engaging detailing story to support their dialogue with the physician.

With approximately 120 e-detailers and a similar number of analogue detailing tools in our back catalogue, we know how to construct the detailing story at the core of your sales efforts.

“Make the patients come to us!”

One of our long-term clients said these exact words. And since then, we have developed lead generation campaigns for a number of private hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies using print and online ads, social media, SEO, PPC ads and much more.

What we’ve done

Here are some examples of our recent projects. Feel free to write or a call us if you would like to see more…

Who we work with

We don’t believe in having a lot of clients, we believe in having loyal clients.
Here are some of the clients we’ve worked with. Some we work with every day, while others come to us from time to time.

“We are a group of higly dedicated, curious individuals,
who have been in the healthcare business environment
for more than 15 years, doing global, regional
and local marketing for clients of all shapes and sizes,”



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